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Goals for 2022!

I am aware we are now nearly halfway into January, which is absolutely crazy! I feel like this year is also going to absolutely fly by! I have recently caught COVID myself, something I have been so scared about due to being vulnerable to the illness. I tested positive on 3rd January 2022, I have been testing thoroughly over Christmas, every couple of days which all came back as negative. Then low and behold the dreaded second line came up on my LTF. Panic and fear is all that I can say! I am triple vaccinated and have been for some time now, so it did come as a surprise to me it has to be said! 

It did really upset my blood sugars, it felt like no amount of insulin could satisfy my bodies requirements. I felt extremely tired, headachy, and my temperature was raised – I did not feel good. But due to testing negative for 2 days in a row on 8th January and 9th January 2022, I was allowed back outside on 9th! I only went for a walk and made sure I kept a good distance from others just in case. But wow I was absolutely knackered when I arrived back at home! 

It wasn’t quite the start I wanted into the New Year, but it definitely could have been worse! 

I personally do not like to set a New Year Resolution as I have always set myself up to fail. I find for me it does far more damage than anything good coming out of it. For myself, not achieving a task that I have set out does far more damage. 

Instead of having resolutions such as eat healthier, attend the gym 4 times a week etc I set myself a yearly goal that I can reflect on over time. I like to have a mixture of goals throughout help increase my overall happiness and wellbeing. 

My 2022 goals are: 

I am going to be making a nice cake as well but will have to make that before we go! It’s difficult to bring a cake on a plane! 

What are your 2022 goals and what have you got to look forwards to over the next year? 

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