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18th Year As A Diabetic

I know I said there was not going to be a post over these 2 weeks that I am away but how could I not on my 18th diaversary! Its such a big day because the part of my pancreas that doesn’t work properly could legally go out drinking or to a night club if it was a person (in the UK).

18 years ago, we were throwing my little brother his 1st birthday party where a close friend was a doctor at the time and monitored my behaviour, and had an inkling that something was wrong. – For more information about my diagnosis, please read: My Diagnosis Story.

18 years is a very long time and wow have I had many highs and lows due to diabetes. its been a very tough road. Due to being diagnosed at the young age of 4, I never really accepted my diagnosis until I had to start taking care of my own diabetes at around 12/13 years old. I have managed to survive the episodes of hate, despair, upset and devastation which all lead to countless severe DKA experiences. Times where I didn’t know if I was going to wake up from them. But these extremely tough times have taught me so many lessons, albeit I have only realised them years later.

I was scared. Constantly! As mentioned previously I was in a really bad mental state and couldn’t imagine my life continuing, which is still now extremely difficult to talk about. But I believed and to an extent still do that this poor mental state was down to being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and feeling lost, confused, victimised by the whole thing. Why me? That was the continual thought going around my head, why am I the one suffering? I felt like I had done something wrong.

Let me tell you, no you haven’t!! Everyone needs to go through these periods in their life to determine their own strengths. That being said, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But for me, it has made me realise what is important and that I can try and make a difference within the diabetic community! Diabetes is completely random, it can be hereditary but it isn’t always. No one else in my family has it, just a defect from an additional illness I had when I was younger. Unfortunately it is just luck of there draw but now is the time to draw on positive experiences which have stemmed from becoming diabetic, these are my positives!

My lovely mum has/will always be here supporting me, taking the land off when everything gets too tough!

On all of my previous diaversaries I have always felt overwhelmed and sad, left mourning a life I don’t have where carb counting and endless injections do not exist. But this year I am in my happy place, skiing, and will only draw on my positives. I cannot believe what a strong young lady I have turned into, all thanks to my diabetes. It has shown me so much, specifically that life is worth living! Yes diabetes still sucks, lets just get that straight, I have many many bad days with it but so does everyone!

I am going to eat all the Tartiflette, Hot Chocolates and Crepes possible to celebrate that I am still around but thriving and loving life at the minute!

Before we went away I made a low carb chocolate cake, I use Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe but I do add about 100g of butter in which makes the cake more fudgey! Its a yummy treat which doesn’t impact my blood sugars much! I find that normal cake really upsets them so this way I can enjoy the chocolates cake possible and still feel good!

Also a shoutout to my younger brother, Happy Birthday James, sorry you had a girly birthday cake this year – I thought you loved flowers!

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