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After sharing a post recently over on my Instagram all about cannula scarring and marking – I was shocked at the responses I received.

I have never liked the amount of scars I have on my body from previous cannulas, from being diabetic for 18 years and using a pump for 12 years as you can imagine, I have plenty. They aren’t obvious, they aren’t glaring but all over my arms, legs and tummy is white dots or infect red dots from previously removed cannulas.

People without diabetes do not see this but when it is on your own body, it is very different. Whenever I see a picture of myself, unfortunately that is all what I see. Again, I understand that nobody else will see what I see but just because someone says they can’t see these scars, doesn’t mean that our thoughts switch off!

But what is very easy to forget, is that every single scar tells a story. Every single scar shows how much effort you put into yourself to just stay alive and well. Every scar or infected site shows just how hard your body is fighting. It is very easy to just focus on the negatives and get caught up in a multitude of thoughts about how much you hate it but trying to think positively sometimes does help to work wonders.

With your thoughts and feelings of your own personal scars feel so isolating like the rest of diabetes to be honest, everything seems like a massive struggle and that nobody else every struggles. But let me tell you, every single diabetic will be feeling the exact same. I was actually talking to a work colleague about anxiety and depression. How isolating it is to suffer. How alone you feel that no one understands. But when you make the extremely brave step to start communicating your inner feelings, whether that’s on a piece of paper or to someone else, you’ll be surprised how much better you feel. You start to relate so much more to that other person, and you start to help each other as you know you are not alone.

So, I urge you all, if you are struggling, please speak to someone about how you are feeling, chances are people will be feeling the same but just haven’t voiced this yet. Even if it is something that you think is small, such as how a cannula looks on your body, there will be so many other people feeling the same. And just sharing this can make the world of difference.

When you get to a stage where you are feeling stronger and more positive about yourself, you can start to feel empowered by this. I certainly am not at that stage yet, and don’t think I will be for some time. And that is okay, accepting your body and all your additional alignments takes plenty of time and should not be rushed in the slightest.

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