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Update on my Goals for 2022

First of all, can you believe we are over a ¼ of the way through this year! How crazy is that!

Life has been crazy hectic at the minute, so I thought id do an update on how my goals are getting on and if I am sticking to them! If you wanted to see what  they are prior to reading this, you can find the page here.

As explained within the original post, I find setting myself set resolutions such as loose weight or become a better diabetic, achieve 70% in range everyday very unachievable and unmotivating. That the second I haven’t done as well as I have set myself, I see this as a complete fail and give up. This does not help anyone. So, I like to set myself goals over the year, something to look back on at various points and analyse the improvements I have made, never mind how small they are! Every step is a positive!

So, for this week’s post I have decided to analyse my efforts and share them on here 😊

My goals for 2022:

Put myself first, say no or stand up for what I believe in. I do not do this enough so end up placing large strains upon myself which never end well!

This one was tough to start implementing, I have built into myself that I am second and my needs/priorities always come last. But this year I have done myself proud, understanding that I have different needs and requirements and sometimes they deserve to come first. For instance, I have not been feeling well recently and put my own needs first. Cancelled on friends saying that I do not have the energy to meet them. It may be frustrating for them but actually it did me a world of good and sometimes that is what matters!

Score: 6.5/10

At the end of every week, I am going to write down the positive things that have occurred. These can be small things such as not buying a coffee when I am out or larger things such as achieving over 60% in range for my blood sugars everyday. I will be writing my positives down in a book so I can reflect on all the good things that have occurred throughout the year. I hope this will help end each week on a positive note!

After setting this goal for myself admittedly I did forget about it for a couple of months but that’s okay, that’s part of goal that sometimes things don’t work out how you meant for them! But I recently re-read my posts and have started sharing my weekly positives on a Friday/Saturday over on my Instagram. If you are interested in having a look at them, I post them on my Instagram account – link found at the top and bottom of this post – previous weeks are listed on the highlight section on my profile 😊

But I have thoroughly enjoyed writing these and reading other people’s positives who are sharing them with me, nice way to end the work week with a smile!

Score: 4/10

Increase engagement for this blog! I am thoroughly chuffed that I have started this page as it has helped me beyond recognition just through reflections and sharing information/advice with others! I am researching diabetic topics which are more engaging and trying to share helpful information such as my Information Pack for Newly Diagnosed

Now this is one for you guys, please let me know in the comments if you think I am achieving this! My personal thoughts are that I have had more people subscribe so get notified for new posts – so thank you so much everyone! My average views are increasing, I have had the first guest blogger of the year on already – Alice Kate, Being Diabetic In Prison – so please check that out if you haven’t already! I’d like to think my posts are engaging etc but that’s down to you guys to decide! With that being said though, I am trying to find more ways to make my blog interactive so please input any ideas you have and would love more views from people, so I am changing ways I advertise posts and finding new ways to complete different bits!

Score: 6/10

To live in the moment more! Not always be on my phone and take a step back at times, take a deep breath and just enjoy myself! 

Okay this was one of my favourite goals! By far one of the best as well. It has allowed me to spend more time in the present and stop comparing myself to others over the internet, in both a diabetic and a personal sense. But when I am on my phone, I try and be as real as possible, that it isn’t possible for me to have perfect days and the ‘bad days’ should be advertised just as much! Life has felt very overwhelming at the minute, and that okay to, so ensuring I have less time on my phone is vital to keep my mental health from deteriorating!

I measure this through looking at screen time on a Monday when the notification on my phone comes through and I am spending less time on there, so I’m pleased! It does mean though that I am spending less time looking at my blood sugars. On one hand my life isn’t constantly surrounded by numbers but on the other, I have found my sugars to be a little higher than I’d like as there isn’t the constant measuring. But you’ve got to find your median!

Score: 7/10

PRE-BOLUS! Okay I absolutely suck at this. 30 minutes before eating, sometimes I just start snacking and I don’t even realise or decide I am hungry and have lunch. My overall goal is to improve on this, so think about meals in advance and try to create a schedule, especially with lunchtime. My blood sugars always increase post-meal because I haven’t given the insulin enough time to work. But as I am aware of the mistake I am making; I am hoping this (combined with alarms on my phone) will help with remembering to pre-bolus! 

Now, I have definitely improved with pre-bolusing, I am pre-bolusing about ¾ times now. It may not be the standard 30 minutes but even if its 5 minutes before hand, that’s better than nothing! This has helped initiate the insulin starting prior to eating but I am not sure how to carb count, so I still have the problems of not knowing how much to give. The amounts are just guesses so sometimes it works and most of the time it does not! But the goal I have set up for myself to improve on, I believe I am nailing it, and very thrilled with that! I shouldn’t be holding too high standards for myself and end up feeling like I am failing so this way I am hoping it will be a step-by-step thing!

Score: 8/10

 I want to start using the blood sugar correction tool I have on my pump. I have always had a problem with these, ever since I went on a pump at 10 years old. I have always thought I know better and end up over-correcting and having a hypo. The technology on the pump is so good that I need to remember that! Hopefully doing this will increase my overall time in range.

So up until I have now switched to injections, I was doing really well with this, I was always inputting my blood sugars into the pump so that was fantastic but now everything is a little different that I am back on injections. My recommendations would be to know how much difference 1 unit is going to take. For me, I know 1 unit will bring my blood sugars down by 3mmol/l, so if I am 12mmol/l I will give 2 units. Ideally, I’d give 2.5 units, but my insulin pen does not have that function. But the big positive thing I am going to focus on is that I am proud of number 1, my decision to switch (for more information please check my reasons out here) but for taking more time out of my day to calculate the right correction dose for the situation.

Score: 9/10

So far, I am so proud of the progress I have this year toward my goals, it has not been an easy journey, but I feel each of these will/have made a huge difference to my general wellbeing.

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