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Things that Impact our Blood Glucose

I have recently been reading through my previous blog posts and as much as I use this blog to help with my thoughts and feelings surrounding diabetes, but I would also like to have informative posts such as the Information Pack for Newly Diagnosed Diabetics. So, I hope you enjoy this post about the different things that impact our blood sugars.

Background Information

Blood glucose measure how much sugar is in the blood, this is one of the most important measurements for a diabetic, whatever diagnosis, because the significance of having the exact right amount of sugar in the blood to just stay alive is huge. What is the normal range for blood sugar levels? The chart below shows a healthy target you should aim for throughout the day.

The amount of glucose in your system can be measured in different ways, within the UK we use mmol/l and the US and Europe uses mg/dL. The image below shows the ‘target’ for blood sugars within UK units.

Image reference:

This is just an example, each individual person has their own range which they aim to stay between. If your range is different that does not matter. Diabetes is such a personal illness and you shouldn’t feel that there is something wrong if yours is different! My high range is set to higher than 7 because that was too unmanageable for me.

Depending on what the reading we receive for our blood glucose is, depends on the action we need to take. If the reading is too low, then you will need to consume sugar and if too high you will need insulin to counteract this. For more information, please read Information Pack for Newly Diagnosed Diabetics.

Things that Impact our Blood Sugars

I found the perfect image to explain this, there are 42 confirmed things that can impact the blood sugars, but please remember this list is not exhaustive and other things can impact the blood sugars, it is entirely dependent. That’s what is super annoying about diabetes!

Image reference:

It is so hard to remember every single factor, almost impossible. I know that food and insulin timing for me I find so difficult to remember. As the timing entirely depends on what my blood sugars were before eating and the food, I am eating has an equal impact. Sometimes I only need a 10-minute pre-bolus whereas sometimes I need a 45-minute pre-bolus. Diabetes is just hard and so unpredictable.

I hope you have found this useful to some capacity. Let me know in the comments what other things affect your blood sugars.

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