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I wanted to start a fundraising section on my blog for people who are raising money for diabetes, I can share links, images, what the challenges are, updates on how people are preparing. If you or someone you know is fundraising or looking to start fundraising for diabetes, whatever charity, in whatever country, just let me know and I will share it on here.

(PS, it has to be verified charities and trusted donation website such as Just Giving. If it does not look legit then it WILL NOT be shared!)


Issy is somehow running the London Marathon in October 2022 for Diabetes UK. Her dad is a Type 1 Diabetic and has seen first hand what a difficult chronic condition this is to manage. She has witnessed the positive change that technology has made on her dad’s life and knows how important these jumps are and the need for them to continue.

As you can imagine she has been a keen runner but I don’t know of anyone who would happily just run a marathon, to be honest I think she is nuts for it but I am extremely grateful!

This is what Issy has to say:

I will be running for Diabetes UK in the London Marathon in October, a charity close to my heart because of my Dad. I am ready to push myself and make myself, my family, friends and the charity proud.

Finding a way to manage and live with diabetes can be a struggle and funding has a huge part to play in this, hence I want to raise as much money as I can and make a difference for many individuals living with diabetes. Seeing Frans page and how far she has come and the support and help she offers her followers is inspiring and the type of positivity this world needs. So alongside running for my dad, it is also for people like Fran and raising that money so many others can share and be on that remarkable journey too

To help Issy reach her goal please donate here.


Edie has recently completed her walking challenge for Diabetes UK, but her donation page remains open for a little while. Edie also has family members who are diabetic and understands the importance that every penny donated means we are closer to a cure and having a diabetes-free life. To donate to Edie, please press here.


Alice is completing the Diabetes UK 1 million steps challenge. Alice herself is diabetic and is absolutely smashing raising awareness and being the best advocate ever!

Walking is such a good way to help get active but also achieve good blood sugars! To read more about it please check out Alice’s donation page!


Wow this one is a crazy challenge! So Caitlin is swimming 22 miles for Diabetes UK. Yes I said that right, she is swimming 22 miles!

Caitlin has type 1 diabetes herself and it runs within her family. She, like all of us what a better life for people with diabetes so please check out her challenge and donate if you have any spare pennies!

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