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Lets Talk About Diabetes

With Diabetes Awareness Week starting today (13th June to the 19th June 2022), I thought this weeks blog post would be talking about diabetes.

Yes, diabetes is being talked about a little bit more for example with funding in the UK, every diabetic now has access to a CGM of some description. For more information for this please read, the guidelines.

But there are still SO many misconception about diabetes, in particular type 1 (I am not entirely sure about the other types of diabetes such as type 3c or LADA, for more information please read, Different Types of Diabetes). There are still the usual comments that ‘You must have been fat as a child’, ‘my grandma had that and lost her leg’, you guys know the usual comments.

And I believe we need to try and break these misconceptions, people do not understand what we go through on a daily basis, the tears, the mental strains, the difficulty of everyday life. So many people just assume its 4 injections a day and that’s it, we are all fine. But that is far from the truth, diabetes never leaves my mind, there is always things to think about, it impacts almost everything.

As a diabetic, we cannot just leave the house in a split second, we’ve got to think, have I got my insulin?, have I got enough needles?, will I need spare insulin pens?, how much sugar do I have near me?, have I reduced my basal rates for the day? There is just way too many things to think of.

Diabetics are placed at a higher chance of suffering from mental health difficulties due to the additional strains and difficulties we face, if you wanted some further information and support please find my selection of mental health blog posts, it also contains further information and support websites if you are struggling.

Not only this but we are placed at an increased potential of developing eating disorders due to the impact seeing what different types of food does to our blood sugars. But many health professionals do not count this as a disorder, especially Diabulimia. Which I cannot even begin to say how damaging this can be to us. Just surviving everyday life is tough, we have many additional hurdles to jump through.

Diabetes is a lot more than 4 injections a day, there is no cure and that is very tough to take, no one signed onto this yet we all have to deal with it!

So, I say this week we all try and spread factual information about diabetes. Whether that is through Instagram posts, word of mouth, letting friends and family in and show them how tough a small part of your day can be. Collectively if we can teach one person this week what diabetes is and that there is no genetic cause, and that even type 1 diabetes is so different from person to person, then I think we are winning!  

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