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Why I have Switched Back onto My Insulin Pump

I just want to say that I haven’t made this decision lightly, to some it may seem that way, but it has definitely been playing in the back of mind for a long while now.

As you know if you have read my earlier blog posts, I have been suffering with diabetes burnout for a long while now. I have just lost any form of respect, effort, and willingness to work alongside my diabetes. It is tough and that shouldn’t be ignored, experiencing burnout is a very real thing that comes with chronic illnesses unfortunately, as these types of conditions do not go away.

Long story short, I have been really struggling with my blood sugars, they were consistently high and no matter how much insulin I had given, they rarely came down to a normal level. I was trying my absolute best, but it did not seem to be doing anything. Then we got our perfect Lola; she is honestly one of the best things that have ever happened to me but that being said, it means that any spare thought I have is of Lola and no longer on my diabetes. At this time injections are not working for me as I’ll be several hours late for injections or completely miss them which is of course extremely dangerous. I had alarms set but these can be easily missed.

I loved being on my injections, do not get me wrong, I felt like I had freedom and I wasn’t attached to anything. I could wear what I wanted without thinking about pump access. I could sleep in peace without a cannula hurting. But sometimes looking at the bigger picture is wise, and even though I had these small bits of comfort, overall, I was not well. My average blood glucose was getting higher and higher whilst on injections and it started to feel like I couldn’t look after myself anymore.

I am in a very fortunate position where I have the opportunity to switch between an insulin pump and injections, I fully understand that so many want to be in my position to just have a choice. It can just feel extremely overwhelming at times.

I decided to make the switch on 21/06/2022, after battling to get my blood sugars down in the heat wave we are currently experiencing here in the UK, meaning my ketones were rising. The brain fog I was experiencing was something else. I knew I needed to change, and this was a one-way ticket to being in hospital again. Something I have worked so hard against for 4 years now.

Luckily, even though I had not used my insulin pump for 3 months now, all the settings are saved so I did not need to programme anything in which made the switch so much easier! With a combination of walking and continual insulin dribbling into my body, my blood sugars are so much stabler and actually in range.

The thought of being back on my insulin pump right now is not what I want, I want the freedom, but that wasn’t working for me. I was putting myself in danger of neglect, again. Now I hope to feel more in control and albeit a bit happier towards my diabetes.

Now counting down till January 2024 when I can get an insulin pump which connects to my Dexcom!

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