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Big Life Update From Me

Hey everyone, I thought I’d provide a life update as lots of things have changed within the past 6 months!

So, if I begin from January 2022, I received my full-time job offer to become an Assistant Ecologist to start in March 2022. Wow, I couldn’t believe it, I was so utterly over the moon that I had impressed my company so much that they wanted me to be on board with them on a full-time capacity. After doing some ecology work over the summer of 2021, I knew this is what I wanted for a career. I knew my worth and held off until I found a company right for me and would suit me entirely!

When I started with the company in March 2022, they couldn’t have been more accommodating with my diabetes. They listened to my requirements and allowed me to give them an overview of the impacts of diabetes with any side effects that may occur. For example, when my blood sugars are low, I cannot drive for 45 minutes after they have risen above 5.5mmol/l. My colleagues have been so understanding, asking if they need to carry any equipment such as glucose in case of a hypo, I couldn’t feel any more accepted and welcome!

Since March 2022 I have been discovering how to manage my diabetes with a busy work lifestyle and how to fit in my needs around it. I am still on that journey as some days I am at my desk all day – which makes it incredibly easy to make time for my diabetes but other days when I am out in a field for the whole day does make it somewhat slightly harder! I have me brilliant apps on my phone, but these can be easily missed when I am not on my phone. But that is okay, this is a journey with my chronic illness. And what works for me today, may not work in 1 weeks’ time let alone further done the line.

Essentially, the bottom line is tell your employer you have a chronic illness because if they are accommodating, you know you have found the right employer!

Because of this, myself and other half have been able to buy a house! We moved in on the week of 27/06/2022. It’s been an exceptionally quick house move, had our offer accepted in April 2022 and here we are, house owners!

This in its own rights has induced a lot of stress which has not helped with steady blood sugars, but I know the stress of moving and settling in will pass and my blood sugars will sort themselves out! I am so excited to find the right places in my home for my diabetes kit and hopefully find a doctor’s surgery that is good! But for the time being, we have a lot of cleaning to do which means I am getting through orange juice at a rate of knots!

Life has felt on hold until we got our house and moved in, and I cannot believe it is actually happening! Definitely been big pinch me moments over the past few months! The past couple of weeks have been spent packing out lives up into boxes which has been super exciting, if not a little stressful. But that’s the fun of buying a house I suppose!

The last enormous thing that has changed, is that we have bought a puppy! This has been a crazy change, one of the best changes ever! Lola is the first member of our family, and we could not be happier if we tried! She has just made our world a much better place. We have been able to walk her now for a couple of weeks and what a difference this has been making not only to my blood sugars but also to my mental health on the whole! Especially in such a stressful and mind-boggling time. It definitely has not been a linear increase, sometimes seeming like every step forward we take, we’ll take 1 step backwards. But that’s all part of development isn’t it, as long as we continue our training with her then she’ll be the best doggy in the world!

Diabetes wise, as I’m sure you read in last week’s post, I am still struggling. My pump is making all the difference, but it is not easy. I am finding it tough and that is okay. I have taken measures to help feel like I am regaining control – and that is the best I can do!

With all this changing happening, there may be weeks that I cannot find time to create blog posts as any spare moment is now being spent with my family and inside my new home! But I will of course keep you updated on my Instagram stories if a post has or hasn’t been written. But if I do miss any posts, I am sorry! But if you are new here, please read past posts and subscribe for future posts!

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