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Recent Trip Away

Hello everyone!

Apologies for not posting for a couple of weeks particularly without warning. I have had a couple of weeks of working nights and then I have been away on holiday so haven’t got round to writing any more posts!

I thought this post could be about my holiday and the awful hypo I experienced toward the end of the week.

Myself, Jake and Lola travelled down to Devon for the week, which was so incredibly needed. We just had a chance to switch off and have a week without any stress just the 3 of us! We went on so many lovely walks through the Dartmoor National Park, around different headlands, even managed to get a couple of days spent at the beach!

Bearing in mind, Lola is a 5-month puppy, we were incredibly impressed with how she got on whilst we were away. She loved the quietness of where we were staying, in the middle of nowhere, she loved all the new smells from the farm animals – taken a likening to sheep, we cannot walk past a field without saying hello through a gate!

We had such a lovely time just having a reset, seeing friends, eating far too much food and just spending time together as a family! We had packed for 6 days worth of rain, which was what was predicted when we packed the night before, but instead we had 1 day of rain with 6 days of bright sunshine! By the end of the week we were struggling with what to wear!

My favourite day has to be when we visited Salcombe, the weather was glorious. We just strolled around the town, jumped on a boat to the other side of the bay and swam in the sea, Lola included! Although as you look through the pictures, I am sure you can tell she hated it! Having this week has been so needed, it even helped my blood sugars (a little bit, until I started to overindulge, but that’s what a holiday is for right?)

Now, we zoom to the second to last evening. We had a lovely walk around a woodland, Lola had a great time sniffing everywhere and stretching her legs. In was in bright sunshine, even though the forecast said it would be raining so we were overdressed and HOT let me tell you. We could stopped off for some lovely mussels and chips in one of our favourite towns, Totnes! Which was so yummy but could see how tired Lola was and how much she needed to sleep. After we had finished lunch, we dropped her off at our holiday house and Jake and I went down to the village pup for a little bit. We had a lovely time, we haven’t had a date night just the two of us in so long so this felt like such a treat! When we got back we started making dinner and my blood sugars would not come down, not one bit. I was trying my hardest to wait 4 hours in between blousing which when your bloods then move to a double arrow shooting upward, becomes impossible. An hour or two later, all of the insulin I had given must have decided to work together and that was it for me. I have no recollection of what happen. Apparently, I had started fitting, slumped over completely on the sofa was becoming unresponsive.

Obviously, this would be the right time for the glycogen pen but guess who forgot it! I did! I have never had to use one in 18 years, so it just never comes to mind to bring it away with me. Luckily had bought fruit juice with us, so he got the straw in and after some time managed to get me to stir. Lola apparently helped with that one as she was also trying to drink my juice!

The only bit I can properly remember once I had come back round again is just crying and crying and crying from how awful I had felt, I honestly couldn’t describe it. It didn’t help that I had consumed so much sugar I was then throwing up in the bathroom from this. Not ideal let me tell you. It was such a battle the whole night that the next day also felt like a write off!

The moral of the story is, make sure whoever you are with knows how to look after you in a hypo, knows the signs to look out for and what your procedures are if you need help. Jake saved my life that night and everyone needs the security of knowing if something were to happen that you would be safe! For some help please read – How Others can Support you and your Diabetes

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