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I wanted to start a fundraising section on my blog for people who are raising money for diabetes, I can share links, images, what the challenges are, updates on how people are preparing. If you or someone you know is fundraising or looking to start fundraising for diabetes, whatever charity, in whatever country, just letContinue reading “Fundraising!”

Being Diabetic In Prison

This is a lovely guest blog by the one and only, Alice Kate! Her Instagram account is Alice works within the Prison and her story is just incredible, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! I’m not a prisoner. I’m a prison officer, with type 1 diabetes! I’ve worked the landingsContinue reading “Being Diabetic In Prison”


I hope everyone is having a great start to the week. I thought I’d write a post about CGM’s, the pros, cons and my personal thoughts and feelings about them – more specifically about my Dexcom. Now, back to basics for a minute, before technology started to advance, the only way to check what ourContinue reading “CGM’s”