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Is the Dexcom G7 Worth it?

25/07/2022 Hello everyone! I cannot believe I am writing this right now! Definitely a pinch me moment as this kind of stuff does not happen for me! But at the start of July 2022, I applied to Dexcom’s G7 Early Access to trial it out and be one of the first in the world toContinue reading “Is the Dexcom G7 Worth it?”

Working Nights and Managing My Type 1 Diabetes

On the week commencing 29/08/2022 I have had a week away working night shifts. I know anyway that my blood sugars struggle with this so have only agreed to conduct 3 nights worth as any more I know my ketones will start to build and the risk of hospitalisation is too high. At the endContinue reading “Working Nights and Managing My Type 1 Diabetes”