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Picking Up Our Lola

So, I know I have announced this on my Instagram and not on here but myself and my other half are picking up our puppy this week! We are picking up a beautiful female Cocker Spaniel called Lola! We pick her up on the 8th June 2022 and I couldn’t be more excited to bringContinue reading “Picking Up Our Lola”


Diabetes Does Not Stop

As we all know within the diabetic community, diabetes is a 24/7 7/7 thing. We have no breaks, if we give ourselves one, we can put ourselves in very damaging and dangerous situations. If it is for long enough, it can be life-threatening and have life changing consequences. Diabetes has to be on the frontContinue reading “Diabetes Does Not Stop”


We have recently been stuck on the M25 for hours which always provokes thoughts. I was sat thinking about the last time I ended up in hospital due to DKA or diabetes related issues. For me that was around 4 years ago, ketones of 7.6 and very poorly. That experience was one to shake meContinue reading “Diabetes”


I wanted to start a fundraising section on my blog for people who are raising money for diabetes, I can share links, images, what the challenges are, updates on how people are preparing. If you or someone you know is fundraising or looking to start fundraising for diabetes, whatever charity, in whatever country, just letContinue reading “Fundraising!”

Things that Impact our Blood Glucose

I have recently been reading through my previous blog posts and as much as I use this blog to help with my thoughts and feelings surrounding diabetes, but I would also like to have informative posts such as the Information Pack for Newly Diagnosed Diabetics. So, I hope you enjoy this post about the differentContinue reading “Things that Impact our Blood Glucose”


Within this blog post I will share some information about burnout itself and what I am going through at the minute. What is burnout? You can experience burnout with absolutely anything in life, relationships with others, your work, keeping active, to medical conditions, and so much more. The definition of burnout is: Burn-out is aContinue reading “Burnout”

Update on my Goals for 2022

First of all, can you believe we are over a ¼ of the way through this year! How crazy is that! Life has been crazy hectic at the minute, so I thought id do an update on how my goals are getting on and if I am sticking to them! If you wanted to seeContinue reading “Update on my Goals for 2022”

Switching the Diabetic Routine Up!

I have recently switched back to my injections for the time being, so have decided to express my thoughts and feelings why I have done this. This has been a complete personal decision from myself only. I have the full support of others around me and from my hospital staff, so please be kind ifContinue reading “Switching the Diabetic Routine Up!”

Fighting Those Voices That We All Have in Our Heads

For me, these voices crop up whenever they want – disguised however as well, which makes it even more difficult to spot. As times move on, mental struggles are much more widely accepted than it has been ever before. Which means, it is all moving in the right direction! From talking to numerous people, bothContinue reading “Fighting Those Voices That We All Have in Our Heads”

Being Diabetic In Prison

This is a lovely guest blog by the one and only, Alice Kate! Her Instagram account is Alice works within the Prison and her story is just incredible, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! I’m not a prisoner. I’m a prison officer, with type 1 diabetes! I’ve worked the landingsContinue reading “Being Diabetic In Prison”