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Goals for 2022!

I am aware we are now nearly halfway into January, which is absolutely crazy! I feel like this year is also going to absolutely fly by! I have recently caught COVID myself, something I have been so scared about due to being vulnerable to the illness. I tested positive on 3rd January 2022, I have beenContinue reading “Goals for 2022!”


Francesca’s 2021 Review

Wow what a year it has been! I thought I’d write an overview of the year for people who are interested but also for me to read back in the future. There has definitely been many peaks and troughs to this year, with some parts extremely harder than others. January 2021 feels like a lifetimeContinue reading “Francesca’s 2021 Review”

Diabetic Myths

Wow have I heard some crazy things over the years I have been diagnosed!  When I was diagnosed back in 2004, type 1 diabetes felt very unheard of, people only knew of type 2 so even at 4 years old I was being asked by others “am I eating too much sugar”. Type 1 diabetesContinue reading “Diabetic Myths”

Navigating Type 1 Diabetes and Hormones

Insulin is a hormone so when other hormones get released it can have an impact on our insulin sensitivity and blood sugars. This post is more aimed at females who experience a menstrual cycle or those who are going through puberty but any information that needs editing/adding about males, puberty and diabetes please let meContinue reading “Navigating Type 1 Diabetes and Hormones”

How to Cope with a Diabetes Diagnosis – Even Years Post-diagnosis

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes back in 2004, in January 2022, I will be diagnosed for 18 years and I have many days where I despise diabetes, have the thoughts of why me, I cannot do this forever etc. Diabetes is tough, there is no way around it but hopefully if you areContinue reading “How to Cope with a Diabetes Diagnosis – Even Years Post-diagnosis”

Additional Diabetic Strains

Diabetes has so many additional strains that I physically cannot put them all down on a piece of paper. For me, the biggest strain is that this is never ending, there is no end date. That if I live to 100, I will be diabetic for 96 years and that just makes me want toContinue reading “Additional Diabetic Strains”

Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Trials

I have linked clinical trials for in the UK and USA but if you are in another country, try using the JDRF trial finder as you never know what might come up! For some bizarre reason, unknown to anyone, diabetic consultants do not let anyone know of any diabetic trials currently going on. All trialsContinue reading “Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Trials”

How Others Can Support You and Your Diabetes

Everyone has different levels of support needed, please comment how others have/are supporting you!As it is the 1st November, Happy Diabetes Awareness Month! With World Diabetes coming up on 14th November, get involved with the community on Instagram! I suppose the first thing to point out is that everyone is different, and these boundaries needContinue reading “How Others Can Support You and Your Diabetes”

The Positives of Being A Type 1 Diabetic

These are my positives of being type 1 diabetic, let me know yours in the comments! Type 1 diabetes sucks, I think we all know that and don’t need reminding from an external party! But there are positives as well, these can be very hard to see at times, but positives do exist. It wasn’tContinue reading “The Positives of Being A Type 1 Diabetic”

Needle Phobia Alongside Type 1 Diabetes

This post dwells on my past/current experience of needle phobia – everyone has different levels of fear and have different ways of managing the fear, below are tips that work for me but feel free to add your own in the comments or try some of them out! Background to my Needle Phobia I wasContinue reading “Needle Phobia Alongside Type 1 Diabetes”