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Switching the Diabetic Routine Up!

I have recently switched back to my injections for the time being, so have decided to express my thoughts and feelings why I have done this. This has been a complete personal decision from myself only. I have the full support of others around me and from my hospital staff, so please be kind ifContinue reading “Switching the Diabetic Routine Up!”

Fighting Those Voices That We All Have in Our Heads

For me, these voices crop up whenever they want – disguised however as well, which makes it even more difficult to spot. As times move on, mental struggles are much more widely accepted than it has been ever before. Which means, it is all moving in the right direction! From talking to numerous people, bothContinue reading “Fighting Those Voices That We All Have in Our Heads”

Going Through a Major Slump with my Diabetes

One part of running this blog that I absolutely love is that I have ability to process my feelings that can be particularly difficult to say out loud. This blog helps to help me and is almost a form of therapy and this week’s blog is unfortunately a negative one. I suppose I am justContinue reading “Going Through a Major Slump with my Diabetes”


After sharing a post recently over on my Instagram all about cannula scarring and marking – I was shocked at the responses I received. I have never liked the amount of scars I have on my body from previous cannulas, from being diabetic for 18 years and using a pump for 12 years as youContinue reading “Scarring”


This is something that I have been constantly repeating to myself for weeks now.  There have been some very good days and moments, don’t get me wrong but equally some low moments. And that’s okay too. We are allowed to mourn the life we never had, one that didn’t include injections or carb counting. AndContinue reading “IT IS OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY”

Additional Diabetic Strains

Diabetes has so many additional strains that I physically cannot put them all down on a piece of paper. For me, the biggest strain is that this is never ending, there is no end date. That if I live to 100, I will be diabetic for 96 years and that just makes me want toContinue reading “Additional Diabetic Strains”