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Diabetes Does Not Stop

As we all know within the diabetic community, diabetes is a 24/7 7/7 thing. We have no breaks, if we give ourselves one, we can put ourselves in very damaging and dangerous situations. If it is for long enough, it can be life-threatening and have life changing consequences.

Diabetes has to be on the front of our mind at all times, constantly checking what our blood sugars are just in case we need insulin or sugar. Its tough as we can never fully switch off. It just can feel so draining and tough because everyone needs time to relax and have a reset but that unfortunately is not possible.

It is hard and on the online diabetic community, it is such a safe space to say if you are struggling as chances are, there are so many others feeling the same. It really helps to make you feel much less alone. It is a place to share tips on how to embrace this feeling and how to recover. So, if you are not a part of it already, I urge you to join, whether that’s on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Facebook. It really is a lovely place to be.

I am writing this currently whilst trying to stop my blood sugars from falling anymore, the brain fog is actually crazy, I have been staring at this for ages and the words are not coming to me! There are so many times where diabetes has got in the way, where you are writing work/education reports and you cannot stop yourself from shaking, keep your eyes open, or the constant thirst and feeling sick, the brain fog from high blood sugars as well as low. It takes our brains over 45 minutes to recover from hypo’s once our blood sugars have increased to normal range.

I mention this because at my graduation on 28/05/2022, I was having to take myself away from my friends and the celebrations to give correction doses. It was a day of celebration, so I did not restrict any food eaten, or not allowing myself to have some sugar alcoholic drinks. I decided very early on that it was a day I was going to enjoy it to the max. it was a shame to take myself away from photos etc but unfortunately that is a necessity.

It was such a good day but even now when I am writing this on 30/05/2022, I am still trying to deal with the wrath of high blood sugars, the headaches, the thirst, the reduced temper, the tiredness. I have the biggest bags under my eyes as my Dexcom wouldn’t stop bleeping overnight for the past couple of nights. I need sleep but that has been significantly reduced because of this.

Anyway, it was a lovely day, so pleased I was able to have my graduation and have my moment of walking across the stage!

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